I made the mistake of driving through a construction site and got black tar all over my white car. I called L&E Detailing, Ellis told me he could get it clean, about and hour and half later, my car looked brand new!


I have children, need I say more?! I called L&E Detailing, to come out and detail my ML350. Ellis took his time, making sure no remnants of goldfish nor soccer cleat residue remained in my car. Looking at my car now, you'd never know I have kids, that is if I hide the booster seat. Now I'm a contract customer!


I have a garage but decided to park my car on the street. The next morning, my car was riddled with baked on tree sap. A colleague told me about L&E Detailing, so I called them up. Ellis came by and cleaned the sap in no time. Net thing I knew, not only was the sap gone, but I paid for the buffing wax services, my car looked like it was straight off the showroom floor!